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1. How much does it cost?

That depends on:
1. How many credits you buy(bulk purchases are cheaper).
2. The route that you send via. We provide users with several routing options which have different levels of connectivity and have definitive features and costs.

By registering and sending some test messages (free) you can verify exactly what the cost will be.

2. Are there any other costs involved to send SMS?

There are no setup fees or monthly fees or any other additional fees. We operate on a prepay basis. The credits that you buy will not expire until you use them, so if you buy them now and only use them 6 months down the line, that is no problem. They will always be on your account at your disposal. Our company is VAT registered in the United Kingdom and therefore VAT will be charged. Users do not pay for replies. It does not cost anything extra to be able to customize the sender ID.

3. What routes do you provide?

View routing options

4. How do I buy credits?

We work on a prepaid basis. To purchase credits you have 2 options:

  1. On our web site with a credit card - The following credit cards are accepted: Mastercard, Visa, Visa Delta, Visa Electron, Visa Purchasing, JCB, Solo, Switch and Debit cards. Once you are on the Worldpay site you need to click on the correct card icon to continue with the transaction.
  2. Via bank deposit or electronic funds transfer to either our International or South African bank account. If you would like us to send you an invoice beforehand, please forward your username, the number of credits you would like to purchase, as well as your fax number. You also need to send us a copy of the payment confirmation so that we can credit your account.

5. Do you offer other discounts?

We provide users with an option of appending their messages with our tagline This is called a 'Tag-line discount'. You can tick this option on the 'Compose Message' page. This option saves you 15% off the cost of an SMS.

6. Will the system allow 1000 or more simultaneous messages?

Yes, our system can handle over and above that amount of messages per day at a time. The limit is quite high. BulkSMS offers the same easy to use service whether you are a individual or bulk client.

7. Do you provide status reports for the undelivered messages?

The Economy Route does not always provide status reports. The Standard and Premium routes do. All messages sent via these two routes will have a status report whether successfully delivered or not.

8. How long does it take to deliver messages?

Typically messages are delivered within 15 seconds on the premium route and within 3 minutes on the standard route, but usually even faster. The best is to test it for yourself.

9. Is it possible to use the "sender id" parameter?

Setting of the Sender ID can be enabled after your initial credits purchase. Sender Id requests are processed manually and thus we suggest you request a sender Id change within office hours for a swift response. Giving you full control of your sender ID, is only available after you have been a regular and trusted user. Sender Id can also be set via http request and email to SMS.

10. Do you support non-English text? (The SMS will be written in your language)

Yes, you can send non-English Characters. On the 'Compose Message' page select 'Send as Unicode'. The character length for your message will be much shorter though, about 80 characters.

11. Do you support two-way SMS?

Yes, recipients of messages that you sent via our system can reply to your messages. The reply messages will be posted to your inbox folder in your account. You can also have replies forwarded to an email address or to a URL if you want.

12. How do I register?

Registering for an account is free and takes a few minutes. Please note that all fields must be completed to register. Once you register a code will be SMS'ed to your cell phone. This code will activate your free credits.

You will need to provide the following information:
Username (case sensitive)
Password (case sensitive)
First Name
Cell number (country code and number with no spaces or leading zero, e.g. 27828872376)
Telephone (e.g. 27828872376)
Fax (e.g. 27828872376)
Street Address
Postal Address
Postal Code
How did you hear about us?

Once you have entered the information correctly CLICK 'Register' and you will receive the following message: "You have been successfully registered. An activation code is being sent to your cell phone right now."

If you do not receive your activation code please email Support to request it. Please include your username, cell number and website in the email.

CLICK 'Message Centre' to proceed to see the 'My Account' Page.

13. What does enter only alphanumeric and "_" mean?

Alphanumeric: a-z, A-Z and 0-9. You can use any characters in these ranges, as well as the underscore: "_". Also the login is case-sensitive.

14. How do I Log in?

ENTER 'Username' and 'Password'. These are both case sensitive. CLICK 'Login' to access your home page.

15. I haven't received my activation code yet?

Please view coverage to see if our service is available in your area.

16. I got the activation code. Now what?

An activation code was sent to your mobile. To claim your 5 free credits, please do the following:
a) Go to our web site,
b) LOGIN with your username and password,
c) Once you have logged in, CLICK on 'Claim them now',
d) Enter the activation code exactly as it appears on your phone.

Note: If you use our Text messenger desktop software you can also claim your free credits from the 'My Account' menu in the program.

For detailed help on user account functions in the logged-in section of the site please see the Help Centre

17. How do I enable my CFPWinMan application to send SMS messages via BulkSMS?

There are two parts to setting up CFPWinMan to be able to send SMS messages using BulkSMS.

Part one is on BulkSMS. You will need to register on if you have not already done so. Once you have registered, log into your BulkSMS account. Click on “Email to SMS settings” and then click on the link to add an email address to send from. Set the email address or addresses that your emails from CFPWinMan will be coming from and set a low level password for each email address – the password should not be the same as your BulkSMS login password. You can add many email addresses should you need to – once you have added one to three email addresses, click Update and you will see that you can then add another three if required. Once you have completed adding the email addresses and corresponding passwords and you have clicked on Update, your set-up work is done on BulkSMS.

Note that you need to buy credits for sending SMS messages here. Click on the “Buy credits” link on the “My Account” page and follow the instructions to do so.

To complete part two of the setup please download the document supplied by CFP software and follow the instructions. On the last section where the document states that the SMS details will be provided by BulkSMS, put in the following:

A/C or Company: Your company name:
Disable Outlook Security: Tick this.
Account Login: Your BulkSMS username.
Password: This is the password set up under Email_to_SMS_settings described above.
PIN: not required, but if prompted put in 1234.
Click radio button next to Email.
Service Provider: Select [BulkSMS]

You are now ready to send SMS messages from CFPWinMan.

Please contact if you have any problems.