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Bulk SMS for iPhone, iPad and iPod

The BulkSMS App allows you to send SMS text messages from your iPhone, iPad or iPod to one or more contacts.

You can download the BulkSMS App to your Apple device.BulkSMS iPhone Application

Key Features

  • Ease of installation
  • Integrates to iPhone contacts
  • Integrates to your address book groups on your online BulkSMS account
  • Receiving of SMS message replies in the BulkSMS Inbox
  • Easy forwarding and replying to SMS messages
  • Creation of distribution groups
  • Detailed reporting of all sent and received messages
  • Quick messaging to large groups (up to 20,000 per group) and individuals
  • Manages and sends to huge contact lists (>20,000 contacts)


To send one SMS within the United Kingdom will cost from 3.9p to 5p per message (excl VAT). See full pricing details for more information.

The cost of sending an SMS text message to a mobile number outside of the UK depends on the destination country. See our coverage table for more information.

Getting Started

Simply download the BulkSMS App for your iPhone, iPad or iPod. Once downloaded you will be asked if you are a new or existing BulkSMS client. Select the appropriate option and follow the prompts. Existing BulkSMS account holders need to enter their existing username and password in order to access their current BulkSMS account.

Remember, you don’t have to register with a different user name every time you want to use a different BulkSMS product. Once you are a BulkSMS customer, you will have access to all of the products and services available.


User support is available at no extra cost. BulkSMS offers telephonic and email support during week days, Saturdays and Public Holidays. For more information, including available times, please contact Support.

If you have any questions regarding any of the BulkSMS products or require further information, please contact Sales.