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SMS Messaging Solutions

BulkSMS provides several solutions for sending and receiving SMS messages. Once registered on the BulkSMS platform, a user has access to all of them.

Click on any link below to get more information on what solution would suit you best.

SMS for Individuals send and receive messages from your desktop, any internet enabled computer, your email client or even your cellphone.

SMS for Multiple users - enable a business or organisation to have one main BulkSMS account, with various sub accounts.

SMS for Developers - BulkSMS offers SMS developers a way to take messaging to the next level.

SMS Business Opportunities - BulkSMS offers you a way in which you can earn revenue, by adding an extra service (SMS) on to an existing portfolio.

Managed SMS Services Don't have the time to set-up and send SMS's? BulkSMS will do it on your behalf.